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Started work: door canvasser for Greenpeace, of all places. Its cool working for Greenpeace, but there are better jobs out there than door-to-door canvassing. But if you think about it, not many. And it helps that I'm doing it for something I for the most part believe in. GP has just opened a permanent canvassing office in Hamilton, and the crew here is good. There's a lot of opportunities in this organization, both for travel and advancement. But right now I'm just focussing on my door-to-door rap - it's still the probation period. There's the usual people you'd expect working for such a 'radical' activist organization: long hair and dread-locks, people who've been to Thailand, and hardcores who've been arrested multiple times chaining themselves to stuff. I hope to do that!... someday... Orientation was good, and on the second day we went to the holiday party at the new GP warehouse in TO. 15 cases (or so) of organic beer, wine, more be

November Rain

The last week I spent in Peterborough was fun. Before I left I went to some shows, including one band called U.S.S., which stood for Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, but I really think they were just Star Trek fans. But they were really good. The next day I set off for Montreal to visit my friends Geoff and Maria Smart. The timing of the trip worked out well because Geoff was moving to Toronto and I could give him a ride (Maria would follow when she'd finish the school semester). The stay there was great; Montreal is a beautiful and crazy city. Some activities we did there was go see Geoff's old school downtown, go to Old Montreal, visit my brother Mitch and cousin Paul (and their respective girlfriends, and Geoff and Maria) for dinner, saw The Simpsons Movie, did a LOT of beat-boxing, saw some really cool graffiti, and played some video games. We also went to a crazy Montreal club where couples were grinding on the floor like I've never seen before, and a couple girls got into

White Pine

So the time has come for me to leave Peterborough. Work's winding down in a town notorious for lack or work, and I'm gonna move on: first to Montreal to visit Geoff for a few days, then back to Hamilton, then who knows. Now my last days in this great town have been very very nice to me. The last days at work have been fun, as usual. Like I said, it's been winding down, so its been more of a part time thing. That's OK, and it's given me time to enjoy finer things. Two weekends ago I ended up going back to Dundas again for Austrums Gadasvetki. That event was pretty standard formal stuff, with a very interesting lecture given by Chris Macleod (a commercial lawyer) exposing the humanitarian BS dealt by the government of China against Huseyincan Celil and the Uyghur people (in a similar situation as Tibetans). Toms and I went to Hess Village afterwards and ran into a few people from Dundas at the Side Bar, and good times were had by all. Since I was in a suit and

Lurkin and Noodln

During a small road trip I went on this past weekend, a thought came to me: I like to make you smile because it's infectious. Makes sense, doesn't it! And sounds cool too. I forgot to mention a few things in the last wave of posts. Work's increasingly funny. We defined Bogans (working class folk who like their NASCAR, Bud, and those baseball caps that come in cases of Bud) and Pooges (un-employed Bogans, usually seen out front of liquor stores asking for change). Between that and impersinating Psychedelic Punk rock (it WAS possible for a brief moment), work's great! On my first day in Peterborough I left a stick of butter on my car dash as I rushed to get to work on my first day. The butter melted, and now my car smells like moldy milk, combined with some wine that spilled in the trunk, smells like moldy vinegar. Great. Another thing I forgot to mention was that I've been harassed by security four times: Once, drinking in the McMaster U parking lot durin

T-bay to P-dot

So after Labour Day I went to Thunder Bay. Originally a few of us were planning on going on a sea kayaking trip to the Slate Islands, but eventually everyone backed out until it was just Zack and I. The the weather turned bad (it really was, rainy with gale-force winds), so it was impractical for us to go there, or really go sea kayaking anywhere on superior. So instead we tried to organize a weekend trip to the Sleeping Giant, but more people backed out, so eventually Zack and I did a bike-hike day trip there. We biked as far as we could, then hiked to Thunder Cape. I got a couple flats on the way, so got to practice my patching skills. Don't buy inner-tubes from Canadian Tire! Also I was doing trials at Tea Harbour and got soaked when I fell into a pool of water. When we got to Thunder Cape I noticed there was sage growing there! I gathered some too. We also visited to bird observatory there and talked to the people doing research there. Other than that my visit to Thu

More news from the past

So after labour day I'm just lazin' around home. My mom was gonna hire contractors to do the ease-troughs and paint all the doors, but I did it instead, because I can. Basically I wake up around 11 or 12, work 4 or 5 hours a day, and go out and chill with friends, bike ride, read and play a bit of guitar. I should play more, tho. Man, remember how I was saying my beat-boxing got Geoff's wife dancing? Well, one night me and him met up with some friends and we started beat-boxing the same song again. And guess what! a couple of the girls we were with started dancing! I have to record it now. Oh, before Geoff and I ran into our friends we walked onto a movie set. No joke, Dundas is picturesque, low traffic, and low movie interest, so they film here. Right now their doing The Hulk sequel. We saw Liv Tyler. Wow (sarcastic). I didn't even realize it, and didn't really care actually, but Geoff (he's a film student) freaked out, and we walked all over the set. We coul
All this stuff also happened more than a month ago, but here it is anyway!: Thunder Bay was very relaxing, and basically that's all we did. The trip back from Thunder Bay was very interesting indeed. Carolyn and I went swimming four times and caught the ferry. I got home at 4am. I had this strange nasal headache that coming on every afternoon, always when I drive. It makes me a bit angry. Now I'm at home and this weekend is 'Cactus fest' in Dundas, which means I'll be getting drunk with all my old highschool friends. Went for a couple few bike rides, hung out with friends, did nothing in particular. After a week in Dundas I went to Sudbury to go to Marty MacDonald's (a relative) wedding. My bro Zanis was in the wedding party and he had to dress up in a kilt. It was funny to see him in a skirt, but my mom thought he looked handsome. Went back to Dundas for a couple days. My mom declared war on Gypsy moths. They're worms have infested the trees around

To Thunder Bay from Calgary (two months late)

I wrote this on the way home from Calgary in August. Here it is in October!: OK, so I waited way too long for this one... Work ended, spending my last two weeks there in a carpentry apprentiship capacity. I'll miss Centron. Moving on. My last week in Calgary was very busy, basically packing, working, adventrue and some partying. On my last weekend there a few of us from work went to the Spray Lakes in Canmore. We random camped on a lake, there was a full moon, sweet echos accross the lake into the rockies, and beer drinking games. The next day we climbed the Middle Sister, which is now the highest point I have been on the ground. It was quite a challenge, and most of the people that went (Steve, Nate, Jude, Josh and me, BTW) ended up missing a day at work because of it. The trip to BC was very interesting... The drive to Vancouver was more or less uneventful. It was loud, though...: the muffler was still gone, but it improved gas milage. Vancouver was cool: on the fi

Laid back*

*I realized I was posting blogs every two weeks. I did this for regularity. I did this for those people (or that person) who ever actually reads these things. Then I remembered why I was writing blogs: I just was, to record what I do, sort of as an alternative to taking pictures. So this ones three days late. I guess that makes me laid back. Or lazy, depending on how you look at it. As opposed to someone who gets things done. Or anal, depending on how you look at it. Anyways, since Banff, things have been interesting. I can't remember what I did at work day to day, since it was two weeks ago. Most likely I cleaned up floors and threw many useful things out, and carried some heavy stuff. We did carry these heavy, concrete filled steel doors, which was hard but rewarding. And I most likely enjoyed the job in general. On the Friday after Canada day our work set up bleachers in front of the site and we watched the Calgary Stampede Parade, and got paid for it! We came into

Banff Champion

Work Continues. I'm still feeling my way around a bit, but I have found my place at the construction site. I'm learning cool new things: learned to use a fork lift, but I need to get a license for it before I get to use it more. Generally day to day is brooms, shovels, gloves, power tools, hand tools, gray garbage bins, yellow dumpsters, hard hats, orange spray paint, pipes, steel, dry wall, wet dry wall... I've figured out Banff is a dangerous place. Last weekend Steve, his friends Xavier, and work buddy Josh went to go kayaking on the Bow River. Josh and I went first, while the others went to Canmore to pick us up. With all my gear on, Xavier said I looked like a 'Champion'. Nice. Anyway, Josh'd never gone kayaking before, and the river sure was fast. Fast. And cold. Real cold. I was having some difficulty staying straight. So we went off a to an easier section of the river that forked off, but it was still fast, and cold. Unfortunately, since

When it rains...

Well, I stopped window cleaning. Somewhere between worsening weather, general dis-interest of window cleaning as a way of life, and laziness, it occurred to me that I needed a job where I have to be somewhere at a set time, usually in the morning. So Steve and I are, once again, working to help build Alberta, 9 hours a day, six days a week. This year we're working in downtown Calgary on an old 5 storey post office being turned into an office high rise. Work's very dusty and loud, but fun. Our co-workers are funny: Steve named a guy Jordy, but his actual name (on his hardhat) is Jordan. The name stuck, and everyone laughed, except Jordan, er, Jordy. He now tries calling Steve as Stephanie, usually between swear words, to little effect. I let Jordan know his name's easily turned into Jordana. After work on Saturday I drove a couple of our co-workers home, and went to a Church garage sale where I got a real good bike rack, real good dart board, Tommy Boy the movie, a co
So not much since the camping trip to the Unicorn Love Shack: -Went to Canmore again and hiked half-way up Mount Rundle before being snowed out. Saw some goats on the way -Steve moved in and we're working together -Went and saw the Dandy Warhols at Mac Hall in U of C -Gardening is harder than it seems ~ also reading Watership Down, and am now afraid of all the jack-rabbits around our house of eating them -Determined my Unicorn nickname as Tectonic


Window cleaning is off to the races! Its working out well, and I've got my technique down. Clients are coming readily as often neighbours see me working and a house and want their windows cleaned too. Janics left Calgary to go do Diz-Dancis in TO. He left me all his clients and scheduled jobs. That helped a lot, thanks Janc! Went to the the Peter, Bjorn and John concert two Fridays ago. PB&J are a Swedish alt-rock band that are sweet! I highly recommend buying (or downloading) their latest album "Writer's Block". Before the concert we pre-drank at our place, then at the beer gardens. We snuck into the U of C student newspaper office (Sara and Andrew work there), and drank some more. The concert itself was very good. They have this song called "Amsterdam" and you could smell the marijuana smoke as they played that song. After the concert we ran (through some bushes) home. Went to Canmore with Tracy last Tuesday. It was a perfect day. Last

Lake Superior and back

So window cleaning has been pretty slow, mostly due to 3 parts weather and 1 part laziness. I did one house after the Muizniece's place, but it was snowing while I was doing it! Calgary's crazy that way. The biggest news since the last entry was my trip to Thunder Bay to go sea kayaking. I drove over with Meg, and noticed all cities were exactly the same: a Home Depot here, PetCetera there, and, of course, the ubiquitous Wal-Marts. We saw a Perkins breakfast franchise in Regina that Meg hadn't heard of though, but I have. Woo-hoo suburbia! We pulled into Thunder Bay around 3PM on the 21st. The car sounded like a helicopter: thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump... Turns out a tire was out of whack. Canadian Tire replaced it quickly and at reasonable cost, on a Sunday! Maybe there's more to this suburbia thing after all... On the 23rd, Meg, Allison, Jess, Zack, Brian, Aaron, Ryan, Nick and I set out for Rossport to start the sea kayaking trip, after some delay. We got

RIP, Kurt Vonnegut

So since the outdoors show Ive been a bit bored. Haven't been able to work because the weather's been quite bad for window cleaning - winter decided to come back. Its nice now, and Jancis and I did wash the windows on the Muizniec's place. Today I went for a ride up Nose Hill again. Since last time I played Resident Evil twice, then I got a new lap top too! Its pretty nice, right now I'm transferring music to it. Also got an SD card reader so that I can put pictures from my digi cam onto my computer, and I also got a MP3 player that takes SD cards for just $35. Nice, take that IPods! Also downloaded an Super Nintendo emulator for the computer and played some games with that too. My new computer needed a new desk, so I decided to build one. Now, I'm no craftsmith: Its basically a board I nabbed from a constrution site one night put on top of milk crates. The board was actually taken from where they're building a church, I found out later. That's OK,
Sorry 'bout the wait! So since church last time, the window washing gig has progressed with Jancis and I. Quit my warehouse job last Thursday, im gonna miss that place and the people there. Im still sick - I don't know if I told you but I've had this lingering sore throat and stuffy nose for the past two months. I have come to terms with it and accepted that I will be sick forever. Or maybe I'm just alergic to something here... Ive gone mountain biking a few times at this place called Nose Hill thats by my house. Its a big, hilly section of pristine plains that are now a nature park. Its REALLY muddy now in the spring, but the ridings still fun. Cant wait till it dries out tho! Two days ago went to the Tiki lounge downtown, kind of a cool modish place with a 50's/60's beach theme, and last night had a camp fire at Jancis' place with Tracy and Niks. Yesterday Jeremy and I went for an adventure to try to find a video game called Resident Evil 4. Du

MySpace Blog Archives for Dummies!

Cheers! So, guess what guys, this is the last blog im gonna write on MySpace. It not that I don't like MySpace, its just that if someone wants to read it, they have to subscribe. If you're reading this on my Blogger blog, then you already know... Anywho, life continues here in Calgary. Craig, Meg (aka Sir Moog) and I went to Fernie yesterday. That was sweet as honey baby! Snow was a bit heavy because of the warm weather, but still awsome to the extent that sometimes I thought I was in a dream. I got a bit recless but didnt get hurt... barely. Went to baznica (church) today, to meet latvians. Met up with Jancis, Niks and Erika Muizniece. Jancis works as a window cleaner, and i want to see if I can do that too. Work at the warehouse has been pretty dull, and hopefully I can do the window cleaning. Anyway, that you all you loyal readers (ie - Wilkie), see you in Blogger at Cheers! 10:36 PM - 0 Comments - 0