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Sorry 'bout the wait! So since church last time, the window washing gig has progressed with Jancis and I. Quit my warehouse job last Thursday, im gonna miss that place and the people there. Im still sick - I don't know if I told you but I've had this lingering sore throat and stuffy nose for the past two months. I have come to terms with it and accepted that I will be sick forever. Or maybe I'm just alergic to something here... Ive gone mountain biking a few times at this place called Nose Hill thats by my house. Its a big, hilly section of pristine plains that are now a nature park. Its REALLY muddy now in the spring, but the ridings still fun. Cant wait till it dries out tho! Two days ago went to the Tiki lounge downtown, kind of a cool modish place with a 50's/60's beach theme, and last night had a camp fire at Jancis' place with Tracy and Niks. Yesterday Jeremy and I went for an adventure to try to find a video game called Resident Evil 4. Du

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Cheers! So, guess what guys, this is the last blog im gonna write on MySpace. It not that I don't like MySpace, its just that if someone wants to read it, they have to subscribe. If you're reading this on my Blogger blog, then you already know... Anywho, life continues here in Calgary. Craig, Meg (aka Sir Moog) and I went to Fernie yesterday. That was sweet as honey baby! Snow was a bit heavy because of the warm weather, but still awsome to the extent that sometimes I thought I was in a dream. I got a bit recless but didnt get hurt... barely. Went to baznica (church) today, to meet latvians. Met up with Jancis, Niks and Erika Muizniece. Jancis works as a window cleaner, and i want to see if I can do that too. Work at the warehouse has been pretty dull, and hopefully I can do the window cleaning. Anyway, that you all you loyal readers (ie - Wilkie), see you in Blogger at Cheers! 10:36 PM - 0 Comments - 0
Sunday, August 13, 2006 Campfires and Shooting Stars OK, this ones quik: Friday - Campfire at my place. Awsome time, oldschool partying 'round the campfire at my place. Saturday - Same thing, only at Mel's. Figured out Dev's Law (need to make a table of values...) Next Week - Going on a camping trip outside of Barrie until the 19th. Then maybe going to Tobermory after. Peace Out 4:14 AM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove Thursday, August 10, 2006 Full Moon Hike Last night Steve D, Kasia, Evan, Sara, Frankie, Dave, Racheal, Brian and I went for a hike up to Dundas Peak in the light of the full moon. I brought beer and granola bars. It was fun. Wish you were there.