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RIP, Kurt Vonnegut

So since the outdoors show Ive been a bit bored. Haven't been able to work because the weather's been quite bad for window cleaning - winter decided to come back. Its nice now, and Jancis and I did wash the windows on the Muizniec's place. Today I went for a ride up Nose Hill again. Since last time I played Resident Evil twice, then I got a new lap top too! Its pretty nice, right now I'm transferring music to it. Also got an SD card reader so that I can put pictures from my digi cam onto my computer, and I also got a MP3 player that takes SD cards for just $35. Nice, take that IPods! Also downloaded an Super Nintendo emulator for the computer and played some games with that too. My new computer needed a new desk, so I decided to build one. Now, I'm no craftsmith: Its basically a board I nabbed from a constrution site one night put on top of milk crates. The board was actually taken from where they're building a church, I found out later. That's OK,