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Window cleaning is off to the races! Its working out well, and I've got my technique down. Clients are coming readily as often neighbours see me working and a house and want their windows cleaned too. Janics left Calgary to go do Diz-Dancis in TO. He left me all his clients and scheduled jobs. That helped a lot, thanks Janc! Went to the the Peter, Bjorn and John concert two Fridays ago. PB&J are a Swedish alt-rock band that are sweet! I highly recommend buying (or downloading) their latest album "Writer's Block". Before the concert we pre-drank at our place, then at the beer gardens. We snuck into the U of C student newspaper office (Sara and Andrew work there), and drank some more. The concert itself was very good. They have this song called "Amsterdam" and you could smell the marijuana smoke as they played that song. After the concert we ran (through some bushes) home. Went to Canmore with Tracy last Tuesday. It was a perfect day. Last

Lake Superior and back

So window cleaning has been pretty slow, mostly due to 3 parts weather and 1 part laziness. I did one house after the Muizniece's place, but it was snowing while I was doing it! Calgary's crazy that way. The biggest news since the last entry was my trip to Thunder Bay to go sea kayaking. I drove over with Meg, and noticed all cities were exactly the same: a Home Depot here, PetCetera there, and, of course, the ubiquitous Wal-Marts. We saw a Perkins breakfast franchise in Regina that Meg hadn't heard of though, but I have. Woo-hoo suburbia! We pulled into Thunder Bay around 3PM on the 21st. The car sounded like a helicopter: thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump... Turns out a tire was out of whack. Canadian Tire replaced it quickly and at reasonable cost, on a Sunday! Maybe there's more to this suburbia thing after all... On the 23rd, Meg, Allison, Jess, Zack, Brian, Aaron, Ryan, Nick and I set out for Rossport to start the sea kayaking trip, after some delay. We got