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When it rains...

Well, I stopped window cleaning. Somewhere between worsening weather, general dis-interest of window cleaning as a way of life, and laziness, it occurred to me that I needed a job where I have to be somewhere at a set time, usually in the morning. So Steve and I are, once again, working to help build Alberta, 9 hours a day, six days a week. This year we're working in downtown Calgary on an old 5 storey post office being turned into an office high rise. Work's very dusty and loud, but fun. Our co-workers are funny: Steve named a guy Jordy, but his actual name (on his hardhat) is Jordan. The name stuck, and everyone laughed, except Jordan, er, Jordy. He now tries calling Steve as Stephanie, usually between swear words, to little effect. I let Jordan know his name's easily turned into Jordana. After work on Saturday I drove a couple of our co-workers home, and went to a Church garage sale where I got a real good bike rack, real good dart board, Tommy Boy the movie, a co
So not much since the camping trip to the Unicorn Love Shack: -Went to Canmore again and hiked half-way up Mount Rundle before being snowed out. Saw some goats on the way -Steve moved in and we're working together -Went and saw the Dandy Warhols at Mac Hall in U of C -Gardening is harder than it seems ~ also reading Watership Down, and am now afraid of all the jack-rabbits around our house of eating them -Determined my Unicorn nickname as Tectonic