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Laid back*

*I realized I was posting blogs every two weeks. I did this for regularity. I did this for those people (or that person) who ever actually reads these things. Then I remembered why I was writing blogs: I just was, to record what I do, sort of as an alternative to taking pictures. So this ones three days late. I guess that makes me laid back. Or lazy, depending on how you look at it. As opposed to someone who gets things done. Or anal, depending on how you look at it. Anyways, since Banff, things have been interesting. I can't remember what I did at work day to day, since it was two weeks ago. Most likely I cleaned up floors and threw many useful things out, and carried some heavy stuff. We did carry these heavy, concrete filled steel doors, which was hard but rewarding. And I most likely enjoyed the job in general. On the Friday after Canada day our work set up bleachers in front of the site and we watched the Calgary Stampede Parade, and got paid for it! We came into

Banff Champion

Work Continues. I'm still feeling my way around a bit, but I have found my place at the construction site. I'm learning cool new things: learned to use a fork lift, but I need to get a license for it before I get to use it more. Generally day to day is brooms, shovels, gloves, power tools, hand tools, gray garbage bins, yellow dumpsters, hard hats, orange spray paint, pipes, steel, dry wall, wet dry wall... I've figured out Banff is a dangerous place. Last weekend Steve, his friends Xavier, and work buddy Josh went to go kayaking on the Bow River. Josh and I went first, while the others went to Canmore to pick us up. With all my gear on, Xavier said I looked like a 'Champion'. Nice. Anyway, Josh'd never gone kayaking before, and the river sure was fast. Fast. And cold. Real cold. I was having some difficulty staying straight. So we went off a to an easier section of the river that forked off, but it was still fast, and cold. Unfortunately, since