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Lurkin and Noodln

During a small road trip I went on this past weekend, a thought came to me: I like to make you smile because it's infectious. Makes sense, doesn't it! And sounds cool too. I forgot to mention a few things in the last wave of posts. Work's increasingly funny. We defined Bogans (working class folk who like their NASCAR, Bud, and those baseball caps that come in cases of Bud) and Pooges (un-employed Bogans, usually seen out front of liquor stores asking for change). Between that and impersinating Psychedelic Punk rock (it WAS possible for a brief moment), work's great! On my first day in Peterborough I left a stick of butter on my car dash as I rushed to get to work on my first day. The butter melted, and now my car smells like moldy milk, combined with some wine that spilled in the trunk, smells like moldy vinegar. Great. Another thing I forgot to mention was that I've been harassed by security four times: Once, drinking in the McMaster U parking lot durin

T-bay to P-dot

So after Labour Day I went to Thunder Bay. Originally a few of us were planning on going on a sea kayaking trip to the Slate Islands, but eventually everyone backed out until it was just Zack and I. The the weather turned bad (it really was, rainy with gale-force winds), so it was impractical for us to go there, or really go sea kayaking anywhere on superior. So instead we tried to organize a weekend trip to the Sleeping Giant, but more people backed out, so eventually Zack and I did a bike-hike day trip there. We biked as far as we could, then hiked to Thunder Cape. I got a couple flats on the way, so got to practice my patching skills. Don't buy inner-tubes from Canadian Tire! Also I was doing trials at Tea Harbour and got soaked when I fell into a pool of water. When we got to Thunder Cape I noticed there was sage growing there! I gathered some too. We also visited to bird observatory there and talked to the people doing research there. Other than that my visit to Thu

More news from the past

So after labour day I'm just lazin' around home. My mom was gonna hire contractors to do the ease-troughs and paint all the doors, but I did it instead, because I can. Basically I wake up around 11 or 12, work 4 or 5 hours a day, and go out and chill with friends, bike ride, read and play a bit of guitar. I should play more, tho. Man, remember how I was saying my beat-boxing got Geoff's wife dancing? Well, one night me and him met up with some friends and we started beat-boxing the same song again. And guess what! a couple of the girls we were with started dancing! I have to record it now. Oh, before Geoff and I ran into our friends we walked onto a movie set. No joke, Dundas is picturesque, low traffic, and low movie interest, so they film here. Right now their doing The Hulk sequel. We saw Liv Tyler. Wow (sarcastic). I didn't even realize it, and didn't really care actually, but Geoff (he's a film student) freaked out, and we walked all over the set. We coul
All this stuff also happened more than a month ago, but here it is anyway!: Thunder Bay was very relaxing, and basically that's all we did. The trip back from Thunder Bay was very interesting indeed. Carolyn and I went swimming four times and caught the ferry. I got home at 4am. I had this strange nasal headache that coming on every afternoon, always when I drive. It makes me a bit angry. Now I'm at home and this weekend is 'Cactus fest' in Dundas, which means I'll be getting drunk with all my old highschool friends. Went for a couple few bike rides, hung out with friends, did nothing in particular. After a week in Dundas I went to Sudbury to go to Marty MacDonald's (a relative) wedding. My bro Zanis was in the wedding party and he had to dress up in a kilt. It was funny to see him in a skirt, but my mom thought he looked handsome. Went back to Dundas for a couple days. My mom declared war on Gypsy moths. They're worms have infested the trees around

To Thunder Bay from Calgary (two months late)

I wrote this on the way home from Calgary in August. Here it is in October!: OK, so I waited way too long for this one... Work ended, spending my last two weeks there in a carpentry apprentiship capacity. I'll miss Centron. Moving on. My last week in Calgary was very busy, basically packing, working, adventrue and some partying. On my last weekend there a few of us from work went to the Spray Lakes in Canmore. We random camped on a lake, there was a full moon, sweet echos accross the lake into the rockies, and beer drinking games. The next day we climbed the Middle Sister, which is now the highest point I have been on the ground. It was quite a challenge, and most of the people that went (Steve, Nate, Jude, Josh and me, BTW) ended up missing a day at work because of it. The trip to BC was very interesting... The drive to Vancouver was more or less uneventful. It was loud, though...: the muffler was still gone, but it improved gas milage. Vancouver was cool: on the fi