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November Rain

The last week I spent in Peterborough was fun. Before I left I went to some shows, including one band called U.S.S., which stood for Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, but I really think they were just Star Trek fans. But they were really good. The next day I set off for Montreal to visit my friends Geoff and Maria Smart. The timing of the trip worked out well because Geoff was moving to Toronto and I could give him a ride (Maria would follow when she'd finish the school semester). The stay there was great; Montreal is a beautiful and crazy city. Some activities we did there was go see Geoff's old school downtown, go to Old Montreal, visit my brother Mitch and cousin Paul (and their respective girlfriends, and Geoff and Maria) for dinner, saw The Simpsons Movie, did a LOT of beat-boxing, saw some really cool graffiti, and played some video games. We also went to a crazy Montreal club where couples were grinding on the floor like I've never seen before, and a couple girls got into

White Pine

So the time has come for me to leave Peterborough. Work's winding down in a town notorious for lack or work, and I'm gonna move on: first to Montreal to visit Geoff for a few days, then back to Hamilton, then who knows. Now my last days in this great town have been very very nice to me. The last days at work have been fun, as usual. Like I said, it's been winding down, so its been more of a part time thing. That's OK, and it's given me time to enjoy finer things. Two weekends ago I ended up going back to Dundas again for Austrums Gadasvetki. That event was pretty standard formal stuff, with a very interesting lecture given by Chris Macleod (a commercial lawyer) exposing the humanitarian BS dealt by the government of China against Huseyincan Celil and the Uyghur people (in a similar situation as Tibetans). Toms and I went to Hess Village afterwards and ran into a few people from Dundas at the Side Bar, and good times were had by all. Since I was in a suit and