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Started work: door canvasser for Greenpeace, of all places. Its cool working for Greenpeace, but there are better jobs out there than door-to-door canvassing. But if you think about it, not many. And it helps that I'm doing it for something I for the most part believe in. GP has just opened a permanent canvassing office in Hamilton, and the crew here is good. There's a lot of opportunities in this organization, both for travel and advancement. But right now I'm just focussing on my door-to-door rap - it's still the probation period. There's the usual people you'd expect working for such a 'radical' activist organization: long hair and dread-locks, people who've been to Thailand, and hardcores who've been arrested multiple times chaining themselves to stuff. I hope to do that!... someday... Orientation was good, and on the second day we went to the holiday party at the new GP warehouse in TO. 15 cases (or so) of organic beer, wine, more be