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Disjointed Recycled Messages

I guess I could just write about the shit I do. It's a kinda interesting enough writing style, and its why letters even exist(ed), but, in my mind, simply writing out what you're doing doesn't isn't interesting enough anymore. At least in my mind I guess. Its got to be slick, but not too slick, and witty. Ooo, and inside jokes count too! (Unga!) (Noodly). (Remember sleeping on the dock?) Well, this post certainly witty and all that. It's a little bit jarring; it has no flow. Ha! You see that! I just used a semi-colon! They're never used anymore! And imagine this weird fact: you have to press the Shift key to get a regular colon, which is used more often. Flow. Its so sweet. Flow in biking trails is as awesome as any stunt. Ahhhh... there it is, the ideas are flowing. This isn't how I originally though about writing back, in that witty and slick way, but its just comin out. Though what I'm writing still doesn't have much flow. I think

Fall - like leaves and mountain bikes.

So the falls here. Haven't had a post in a month. Wow. Most of the leaves have changed colour and fallen away already, but its still ok out to ride. Not doing too much of that right at this moment since I strained my wrist. Went to the doctor, took some x-rays and put on a cast-sling. Doc said no left handed or two handed work and re-schedule in a week. Otherwise keep the cast on, take it easy and ice it. "Can I go riding, Doc?".. "Hehe, no.". That was on Friday. Now its Sunday and I'm typing this without it on - though I can still obviously feel it feels a little weird. Obviously I'm not riding this weekend, which sucks because I just got a new fork and tire. Ironically it kinda worked out - I still need a new hub that's compatible with my new fork. Riding a lot since I last wrote - been to Moose Mountain, COP and Fish Creek several times. There's a french couch-surfer staying at my place right now. His name is Olly (Oliver), an

August in da mounteins

In Fernie - a deer cow, two fawns, and a bull moose. I ended up riding right beside the moose - awe inspiring. Wilkies' farm No, it isn't Alberta could also have a lot of wind energy... Waterton blog entry #7562-238-7b, driving on hwy22 on the way to Creston, BC: Went to Invermere, Radium and Kootenay NP. Invermere and Radium were touristy but nice enough. Kootenay NP was morbidly beautiful. The mountains there were covered in dead pine. The beatle killed them. Global warming caused the beetle. Invermere and Radium were touristy. Most tourists were from Alberta here for the long weekend - just like us! Stayed in a bed & breakfast - cheapest place there. Actually very nice. Also closest to the Radium hot springs. You could walk there. We drove. I told a co-worker about Radium. Gave him one of the tourist maps they give out everywhere. He's going too. Got reservations at the fanciet place there. Went to Waterton. Was a very windy tr

Default Birthday Parties

Back in Calgary, work, frisbee and cruisin' continues. At work the site super's gone on vacation, so the admin assistant (who I'm assisting) more or less took over his job, and I more or less totally now took over the assisting job. It a good learning experience, and also good because lately I've been feeling a little beat up so its good to sit behind a desk for a bit. The current site assistant doesn't really want to do that job anymore either, so I'm not sure what's in store for him (I don't think he really knows either). Bin playin frisbee too. We lost one game (we didn't stand a chance) and won another (they didn't stand a chance). I think the scores for both games were actually 3-15 and 15-3. I've started to be a little surprised at our league - we're level C3 - the lowest one, yet some of the teams we've played are CRAZY competitive. Weird. Went to see MSTRCRFT and Small Town DJs in town. Very very good techno show. T

Matiss Was Here - Ontario July '08

Leave Calgary Arrive in Toronto , Bus to Peterborough , meet some Europeans in TO going the same way as me. Go to Elcombe Palace – Steve’s place. He’s at work, but his roommate Rachel makes pan cakes. They were good. They had vanilla and chocolate in them. Borrowed Steve’s longboard and went over to Gavin’s. I lol’d when I saw Steve had the exact same board as me. Gavin wasn’t home, wrote ‘Matiss Was Here’ in mulch on the driveway. Went back, had a nap, Steve got home, and later we got beer with Justin and hopped over all the downtown roofs of Peterborough . Got a ‘six-fingers’ souvenir… Next day went to Farmers market and later went to Hannah’s farm and went swimming, walks in the meadows, beer in the hammock, dinner, tried a motor scooter, played cards. Sunday back to Dundas on the bus. Sister picked me up by the Dundurn Greyhound stop in ‘Ton. Saw Geoff, Maria and Matt that night, we walked around and looked at stuff in the Driving Park . Next day


Ahh summer (mostly) in the city. The weather's been warm, and the weekend's long. Canada Day long weekend was quite good. I was in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament here in town call Ho-Down/Slo-Down. The 'Ho-Down' part is the A- and B-level teams, and the 'Slo-Down' is the C-level beer drinking teams. We were definately 'Slo'. Its expected that the Slo-Down teams have a theme with costumes, and we chose a gansta theme, calling ourselves 'Huck Dat'. Our team was made up of members from Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Yellowknife, and despite our wide geographical range, we had good team spirit. Our costume was a good one for the hot weather: white tank tops ('wife beaters'), bling, and bandannas. We made some mix CDs of classic Rap and danced the 'Souja Boy' after the games as the Spirit prize. Turns out hip-hop isn't as bad as I thought it was. Some of the other more colourful teams were superheros, a wedding party (which actua


Things are going good. It rained here every day for the first half of the month, but now the rainy season's over. Thank god! I realize now that working in the rain is the worst kind of weather to work in. Otherwise work is good. We had some beers after work on Friday that the foreman brought in because we had to stay an extra hour. It was great. Last weekend went out to the mountains with some frisbee team friends. We biked about half of it before it got too rugged, but still, covering 30km in a day in the mountains is something. We went started at Kananaskis Village, and depending on you're definition of a village, its more like a hotel court yard with a couple restaurants and shops. Whatever - it was a seriously awsome bike/hike, starting in the warm summery valley and ending up trudging through the snow to get to a still frozen lake. We passed the beautiful Ribbon falls on the way too, which is the biggest waterfall I've seen in AB. We even had to do a section


The summer's here now. Leaves are green, flowers smell great, everyone's a bit relieved and more relaxed. It's looking to be a good summer here in Calgary, with lots of weekend trips planned. The first official weekend, the May 2-4 or Victoria Day weekend just passed, and it was a good'r! Originally the plan was to go to Thunder Bay, but the thought of driving 40 hours alone pretty much scared me right out of that idea. I DID go on a crazy road trip, tho... I decided to go to Revelstoke. I invited my friends Geoff and Josh to come along too. We left on Saturday and the traffic was light. We stopped in Canmore and at the crazy place in BC where the train goes into a tunnel and back out again on top of itself before arriving in Reve 6 hours later. Somewhere in between we got out of Alberta Time and into BC Time and the radio reminded us how MC Hammer seemed to almost take over the world on Hammer Time. Once in Reve we checked into the hostel and had some food. T