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So the theory goes that a postings should be every two weeks. Due to un-explained circumstances, to that theory has been added a few days at least, though, in writing and spirit at least, the two week rule is maintained. I've been saying 'Word' a lot lately. I like saying it, and is especially useful in that it's applicable to pretty much any informal context (you -"Hey, that was an Awesome show!", me -"Word.", or "Thanks for dinner." - "word"), you can say it even if you don't know/care about what's being said, is slightly humourous, gets more humourous the more you use it, is generally perceived positively, and is now, because I use it so much, identified it with me! I've also been reading up a lot on the medieval ages lately because of the lack of good books and the lots of books about the medieval ages and the Teutonic Knights around the house all of a sudden. The biggest book I'm reading - Barbara W. Tuchma

11 Days of Holidays

Jan 4 - Hung out with Greenpeace buddy's after work. Jan 3 - After work Steve, Zack and Josh came over, we went for a walk to the RBG, had a fire and later ate some pizza. Jan 2 - First day back at work after holidays. Jan 1 - Happy New Year! Party continues very late, go on crazy adventure down the mountain and back up again. Turned on the dryer. Played Boggle. Other details too. Wake up, clean up and hang out at Steve's place with whoever's still there, head home. Dec 31 - Priecigo Vecgad Vakaru! Go to Steve's place on the east Mountain brow. Steve, Zack, Aaron, John, Kasia, Dave, Cat, Brian, Tanis, Alex, Mel, Josh, Mike, Adam and many others are there. The theme of the party is Themes (ie - any theme you want). Zack and I go as Mexicans, which went down well. Dec 30 - Go tobaganing with Geoff and Matt. Geoff and I do Beat-Boxing. Matt throws Geoff and I spinning wildly down the hill in the fetal position on 2' diameter plastic disks. Dec 29 - Zack, Dave, Steve, J