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Shuting in and around Cowtown

Hello, so it seems every time I right one of these things I regret putting it off as late as I do because it means that I forget the things that I should have written about earlier. Owell, here goes nothing: So I got back from Kingston and packed. Said good bye to my family and friends, fixed and filled my car with my life's possessions, and set off for the west, without a final destination beyond Thunder Bay. I left on Thursday morning at 1Am after waking up and somehow realizing that the time to go was at that moment. A strange story came on the air as I listened to CBC radio as I turned onto the 403 to Sarnia, something about a woman who's being stalked by another woman who knows about her and forces her to face her past. The first woman, I mean. Anyway, the road conditions to Thunder Bay couldn't have been much worse: passing through where Madonna grew up (Northern Michigan) the highways turned icy. North of Sault Ste. Marie it was white out conditions and the hig