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Too Much Snow

Went skiing again - this time at Norquay, just outside the town of Banff. Looking into the ski conditions the night before I learned that it was the last day of skiing there. Nice! The website also said all the runs were open. The next day I left. I got there just in time to get a full afternoon in of skiing. I didn't stay that long. The runs were increadibly slushy, kinda like skiing in oatmeal. Oh, and all the runs weren't open. I crashed hard, my knee still hurts, but it was still worth it to go skiing in weather so warm you could go in your t-shirt. Saw tons of wildlife too. There were hundreds of swans on the lakes in the mountains when I went skiing. Too bad I didn't take my camera. Also, there were FIVE jack rabbits in our back yard. Work's good. A sort of ironic thing happened - remember my buddy Chris that I talked about in the previous post, the one who got injured, well it turns out the safety guys liked my accident statement so much they got me


Again, been too long. Blah, blah, blah... Life in the routine continues. Work forms the basis of the routine, so I'll talk about it first. It continues... I've submitted my apprenticeship application, which is sweet. Concrete is still heavy, but I've gotten into a rhythm at work now. A friend once told me that it isn't natural to not have a routine. I'm inclined to agree with him a little. After about the first month of work, a certain heavy fatigue set in (my co-worker and work partner Riley told me about it). I'm past it now, thankfully (and hopefully). I'm doing more real carpentry stuff now too. A few of us put in the walls for the new lunch room (we put in a new lunch room every ten floors we build or so), so to do actual framing was great! But construction is dangerous too. Chris, a friend of mine, got injured. Chris is the rigger, the guy who directs all stuff getting flown in and out of the site with the crane. We were pretty close, sinc