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The summer's here now. Leaves are green, flowers smell great, everyone's a bit relieved and more relaxed. It's looking to be a good summer here in Calgary, with lots of weekend trips planned. The first official weekend, the May 2-4 or Victoria Day weekend just passed, and it was a good'r! Originally the plan was to go to Thunder Bay, but the thought of driving 40 hours alone pretty much scared me right out of that idea. I DID go on a crazy road trip, tho... I decided to go to Revelstoke. I invited my friends Geoff and Josh to come along too. We left on Saturday and the traffic was light. We stopped in Canmore and at the crazy place in BC where the train goes into a tunnel and back out again on top of itself before arriving in Reve 6 hours later. Somewhere in between we got out of Alberta Time and into BC Time and the radio reminded us how MC Hammer seemed to almost take over the world on Hammer Time. Once in Reve we checked into the hostel and had some food. T


So, BIG news: I moved into what is quite possible the house of my dreams. The story of how I ended up here began when I first came back to Calgary this time, trying to find a place to stay. I ended up moving in with Sara and Taryn, student friends of mine from last year, who live up in Banff Trail (Calgary identifies all its 'neighbourhoods', no matter how sub-urban and unidentifieable - They include about 5-10,000 residences each, I think). I say 'up in Banff Trail', but it really isn't far from downtown, its at the the fourth LRT Station out of downtown. Anyway, their old roommte went AWOL, and I got the room for the rest of the school year. So that immediately left me wondering where I'd live come summer. After a few weeks of thinking of my options I decided on Kensington, AKA Sunnyside. Sunnyside is Calgary's official name for the neighbourhood, but Kensington is the name of the Avenue that goes through it. Calgary is made up of numbered Streets (