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Things are going good. It rained here every day for the first half of the month, but now the rainy season's over. Thank god! I realize now that working in the rain is the worst kind of weather to work in. Otherwise work is good. We had some beers after work on Friday that the foreman brought in because we had to stay an extra hour. It was great. Last weekend went out to the mountains with some frisbee team friends. We biked about half of it before it got too rugged, but still, covering 30km in a day in the mountains is something. We went started at Kananaskis Village, and depending on you're definition of a village, its more like a hotel court yard with a couple restaurants and shops. Whatever - it was a seriously awsome bike/hike, starting in the warm summery valley and ending up trudging through the snow to get to a still frozen lake. We passed the beautiful Ribbon falls on the way too, which is the biggest waterfall I've seen in AB. We even had to do a section