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Matiss Was Here - Ontario July '08

Leave Calgary Arrive in Toronto , Bus to Peterborough , meet some Europeans in TO going the same way as me. Go to Elcombe Palace – Steve’s place. He’s at work, but his roommate Rachel makes pan cakes. They were good. They had vanilla and chocolate in them. Borrowed Steve’s longboard and went over to Gavin’s. I lol’d when I saw Steve had the exact same board as me. Gavin wasn’t home, wrote ‘Matiss Was Here’ in mulch on the driveway. Went back, had a nap, Steve got home, and later we got beer with Justin and hopped over all the downtown roofs of Peterborough . Got a ‘six-fingers’ souvenir… Next day went to Farmers market and later went to Hannah’s farm and went swimming, walks in the meadows, beer in the hammock, dinner, tried a motor scooter, played cards. Sunday back to Dundas on the bus. Sister picked me up by the Dundurn Greyhound stop in ‘Ton. Saw Geoff, Maria and Matt that night, we walked around and looked at stuff in the Driving Park . Next day


Ahh summer (mostly) in the city. The weather's been warm, and the weekend's long. Canada Day long weekend was quite good. I was in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament here in town call Ho-Down/Slo-Down. The 'Ho-Down' part is the A- and B-level teams, and the 'Slo-Down' is the C-level beer drinking teams. We were definately 'Slo'. Its expected that the Slo-Down teams have a theme with costumes, and we chose a gansta theme, calling ourselves 'Huck Dat'. Our team was made up of members from Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Yellowknife, and despite our wide geographical range, we had good team spirit. Our costume was a good one for the hot weather: white tank tops ('wife beaters'), bling, and bandannas. We made some mix CDs of classic Rap and danced the 'Souja Boy' after the games as the Spirit prize. Turns out hip-hop isn't as bad as I thought it was. Some of the other more colourful teams were superheros, a wedding party (which actua