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Default Birthday Parties

Back in Calgary, work, frisbee and cruisin' continues. At work the site super's gone on vacation, so the admin assistant (who I'm assisting) more or less took over his job, and I more or less totally now took over the assisting job. It a good learning experience, and also good because lately I've been feeling a little beat up so its good to sit behind a desk for a bit. The current site assistant doesn't really want to do that job anymore either, so I'm not sure what's in store for him (I don't think he really knows either). Bin playin frisbee too. We lost one game (we didn't stand a chance) and won another (they didn't stand a chance). I think the scores for both games were actually 3-15 and 15-3. I've started to be a little surprised at our league - we're level C3 - the lowest one, yet some of the teams we've played are CRAZY competitive. Weird. Went to see MSTRCRFT and Small Town DJs in town. Very very good techno show. T