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August in da mounteins

In Fernie - a deer cow, two fawns, and a bull moose. I ended up riding right beside the moose - awe inspiring. Wilkies' farm No, it isn't Alberta could also have a lot of wind energy... Waterton blog entry #7562-238-7b, driving on hwy22 on the way to Creston, BC: Went to Invermere, Radium and Kootenay NP. Invermere and Radium were touristy but nice enough. Kootenay NP was morbidly beautiful. The mountains there were covered in dead pine. The beatle killed them. Global warming caused the beetle. Invermere and Radium were touristy. Most tourists were from Alberta here for the long weekend - just like us! Stayed in a bed & breakfast - cheapest place there. Actually very nice. Also closest to the Radium hot springs. You could walk there. We drove. I told a co-worker about Radium. Gave him one of the tourist maps they give out everywhere. He's going too. Got reservations at the fanciet place there. Went to Waterton. Was a very windy tr