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Disjointed Recycled Messages

I guess I could just write about the shit I do. It's a kinda interesting enough writing style, and its why letters even exist(ed), but, in my mind, simply writing out what you're doing doesn't isn't interesting enough anymore. At least in my mind I guess. Its got to be slick, but not too slick, and witty. Ooo, and inside jokes count too! (Unga!) (Noodly). (Remember sleeping on the dock?) Well, this post certainly witty and all that. It's a little bit jarring; it has no flow. Ha! You see that! I just used a semi-colon! They're never used anymore! And imagine this weird fact: you have to press the Shift key to get a regular colon, which is used more often. Flow. Its so sweet. Flow in biking trails is as awesome as any stunt. Ahhhh... there it is, the ideas are flowing. This isn't how I originally though about writing back, in that witty and slick way, but its just comin out. Though what I'm writing still doesn't have much flow. I think

Fall - like leaves and mountain bikes.

So the falls here. Haven't had a post in a month. Wow. Most of the leaves have changed colour and fallen away already, but its still ok out to ride. Not doing too much of that right at this moment since I strained my wrist. Went to the doctor, took some x-rays and put on a cast-sling. Doc said no left handed or two handed work and re-schedule in a week. Otherwise keep the cast on, take it easy and ice it. "Can I go riding, Doc?".. "Hehe, no.". That was on Friday. Now its Sunday and I'm typing this without it on - though I can still obviously feel it feels a little weird. Obviously I'm not riding this weekend, which sucks because I just got a new fork and tire. Ironically it kinda worked out - I still need a new hub that's compatible with my new fork. Riding a lot since I last wrote - been to Moose Mountain, COP and Fish Creek several times. There's a french couch-surfer staying at my place right now. His name is Olly (Oliver), an