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Hell of a Drives

Hey everyone - Kinda went AWOL there. I've always had trouble keeping up with these, but almost 3 months in excessive. Lets see - went through my first period of my in-school carpentry school. Was fun, and not too difficult. Learned a lot. It was good to go on an 'education vacation' as I called it. Don't know how totally serious I am about doing the whole apprenticeship, but it was fun, it got me a raise, and now I feel confident enough to be able to build my own house someday. Drove home for the holidays with Yuri. Hell of a drive. Well really, could a drive across the country in the winter be considered anything less than "Hell of a drive?". At home for the holidays I seemed to stay out late every night until at least 1, usually around 3. Seeing family and friends, it was great! Went beer-bogganing (in case you didn't already know what that is, you drink beer and go tobogganing), played some epic pool, fell through the ice, did nothing much