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75 days of meh (and counting...)

Hahah! This is a record... 75 days! Lately I've been in a strange headspace - not doing anything (well, not much), not hanging out with people and not caring. Before I would do be lazy and feel guilty about it. But not anymore! This is the totally apathetic new me! I'm not really surprised by this new way of life. Mid 20's. Steady, shitty job that pay's decent. The Brits call it 'a shambles'. Seems all I want to do is ride, but the stupid winter here isn't going anywhere. It was like -15 ALL day the other day, and its the END OF MARCH! In the summer I really became jaded and cynical (but not bitter!), mostly about the world. Then the stock market crashed. Obama won. Baby seals are still being harvested (but, really, does it matter?). Crisis everywhere. Now I'm more just like: meh. Life goes on. A little sad, I guess, but more in a pathetic than depressed way. I don't think I'm the only one who feels like I do tho. This winter h