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Dundas and Peterborough, summer of '09

So the flight back from Latvia was long. There were three flights actually: first from Riga to Oslo (I was in Norway for an hour!), then to London, then to Toronto. In Oslo they forgot my luggage so I had to hang around Heathrow for 12 hours - not very pleasant. To pass the time I commandeered a wheelchair and had people look at me while I wheeled around. Took the bus to Gatwick once I got my bad. Watched the Virgin Airlines jumbos until I could leave. Finally made it to TO and mom drove me home. Dundas was nice. Had a party for my brother's champagne birthday on the 31st. Went to the Crawford's cornhole competition (its not what you think, but then again maybe it is). Had a tent town at my place. We heard it was going to rain so we got a bunch of tarps and strung 'em all up. It did end up raining - a ton! The tarps stayed up (for the most part), and we stayed dry (for the most part...). We even kept the fire going all night! Played frisbee the next d


So I stayed with Ilze for a week. It was very relaxing, going to the beach and taking trains downtown. After that I stayed at my cousin Ieva's place in downtown Riga. I also knew her roommate Aleksandra from back in the day when we were classmates at GVV. I stayed there the rest of my time in Latvija. So since its been a while since I posted anything (and a month since some of the stuff in Latvia happened!), I'll just rattle it off: -Went and saw all KINDS of castles (in Sigulda and Cesis) mostly and monuments (all over the place). -Ended up going to Sigulda 4 times -Met up with my dad and went and saw all kinds of relatives, including my grandma's sister, friends Ainars Abols and Guntis Groskops, my dad's GFs family in Cesis, the major of Kandava and more. -Went to Kurzeme with my dad, and again later with him and his friend Maruta. Saw the beach in Ventspils, and the town where my dad was born. -Hung out at the family farm in Valmiera. -Helped out at the