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Cooling down in Calgary

So I'm looking at the weather map and there's this dark blue bubble around Calgary and the southern Canadian rockies. Numbers like -5, -10, -15, -19 in Banff, and its the beginning of October. But Calgary's crazy that way - it'll warm up again. It was 20 a couple weeks ago and I went swiming! The economy's a bit nicer, but to me that's just a rumor - our company has no more projects coming up (though they've been telling us there's more coming for months) - so our hours are so short I'm pretty much out of work. I was hired back to be the site assistant on a project on a Tuesday. On Friday the site shut down. Play it by ear, I guess. I'm not looking forward to working outside in any case. So with all my time off I'm applying to other jobs - hopefully I'll get a job at MEC. Speaking of using my time off - it's good to nurse this cold I've come down with. Be careful - H1N1 will get ya! Its not all cold, tho. I did go to BC with Tr