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Road Trips

So since Colombia I went back to work for a little while. Went on two road trips to Kamloops with Yuri to get some early season riding in, staying with Alex (from new-years) and Max out there. Its about a 6 hour drive from Calgary, which might seem excessive just to ride a bike, but the riding was good, rode a trail that was in a bike movie AND met legendary mountain biker Matt Hunter! We’ve met a lot of new riders this year, a lot more than other years. We rode out at Canmore a couple times, where we met our new rider friends Dave, Terry, Cody, Jenny and Travis. At work I was put in a labour job due to circumstances outside my control, hurt my back and decided enough was enough and finished. Right after I quit I went to Idaho... Now, Idaho sounds like a strange place to go, but that was one of the main reasons we went – because it’s so under the radar. Let me tell you its great, totally recommend it. So Tanis, Steve and I loaded up Tanis’ little Suby and set out. Along the way w