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To Ontario and Back Again

So far, here are some of the highlights of my random summer since last time: -Continued driving home to Ontario, picked up a hitchhiker named Alfredo who stunk up my car a bit but was nice. -Probably the biggest news was my Krustmeitas (Goddaughter's) Olita's christening. The ceremony was at Sid and we had a big party at the Homestead house. We put of tarps, banners and made a feast and generally had a good time with tons of family (and I mean TONS) despite the heat. -Spent Jani at Sid, which was awesome this year, probably my favorite Jani for a long time. Had a little bit of everything... -In Ontario had a couple camp fires at my place with old friends. -Met most of my old friends in general, Steve, Brian, Geoff, Matt, Meg, Jesse, among others. -Went to a party at Pat, Franc and Pierce's place. Got roudy and fun, but my car got broken into. Thankfully the only thing they took was my old but great digi-cam. Ohhhh Hamilton... -Worked for Nikolas painting and renovati