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The Baja Odyssey, Pt 2

Following San Jose de Cabo we found ourselves on a bus back to San Lucas fully loaded for a sailing trip only to find out there'd be no sailing trip, so we sulked the rest of the day mostly drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and hanging around the beach and eating tacos. The next day we marched over to the bus station and headed north, to Mulege (pronounced Moo-leh-hey; population ~5000), where we hoped to get the kayaks we were promised. We were a little worried about that, as some of our recent experiences reflected the opinion of our couchsurfing host there, the locally infamous 71 year old gringo Bill. He believes people only tell you what you want to hear in Mexico, if you know what I mean... We got off the bus after driving through desert vistas and mountains and nervous military check points. We were greeted by Bill, the first thing he said, in a raspy loud American accent, was "Fuuuck!". He was complaining about his knee, though that didn't seem to slow him

Revelstoke: Where No Man has Been Before!

Here's the post about my time in and just before being in Revi, BC: So I left Calgary in early August, heading back mountain way, the first stop being Revi, dropping some stuff off, then Vernon. There I began the search for the ultimate hippy job, fruit picking. After a day of that, I found out cherry season had ended and apple season hadnt begun. No biggie, and the numbers didnt work out either if I wanted to afford to go to Baja in November, so I decided against fruit picking. So in the mean time I figured I'd hang out with my old friend Andris, from my LSH (Latvian School in Hamilton) days, and maybe check out Silver Star mountain bike resort. Silver Star was right outside of Vernon. It was a Wednesday, so the lifts ran late, until 7. I started super early and got in like 30 rides (some serious vert). I progressed a bit, especially following this crazy kid from Enderby, hitting most of the jumps and tables he did on Rock Star, the black diamond jump line. Also saw a bear!

The Baja Odyssey, Pt 1

Well I skipped over in my blog the part of my life where I lived in Revelstoke for two months . Ill fill that in soon , I promise ! But now Im in Mexico ... Originally the plan was to drive down here with Zack and hang out in Cali and Las Vegas at a conference . But due to circumstances outside of my control I could not do that and we got some cheap flights and are now here . And it is HOT . So, from the beginning of the Odyssey - I met up with Zack at Lussier Hotsprings . He was driving accross Canada with our awesome skiing and sailing friend Robyn . Because we couldnt drive south anymore we went on a little hot springs road trip . We hung out with our LU friends Sarah and Angela in Nelson and went to the Nakusp hotsprings . Also chilled with Andris there . Then we came back to Revi . I had a couple days to kill so I decided to go back down to Lussie