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The Baja Odyssey, Pt. 6

Once again, da map of our adventure in boats. Day 11: Finally, the end in sight. Took a leisurely paddle to Loreto, where our kayak trip ended. Slowly came back to civilization. Enjoyed the beaches, headlands and waters from our kayaks for one last time. Once in Loreto it was a bit of a pain to find a store which had phone cards for pay phones, but we arranged our ride, dropped off our boats, and got on the bus back to Mulage to hang out with Bill once more. When we got there he was drunk and happy to see us. Zack commenced to upload photos and do stuff on the internet while I drank with Bill, watched NYPD Blue and debated over the various stupid points of view of American right-wingers. I couldn't change Bill's opinions (I wouldn't be surprised if he's got a gun hidden somewhere in his place), but because I was in the military and a construction worker, he respected mine. I didn't tell him I was on welfare. The next day we took it easy in town, cleaned our s