Friday, January 14, 2011

The Baja Odyssey, Pt. 6

Once again, da map of our adventure in boats.

Day 11: Finally, the end in sight. Took a leisurely paddle to Loreto, where our kayak trip ended. Slowly came back to civilization. Enjoyed the beaches, headlands and waters from our kayaks for one last time. Once in Loreto it was a bit of a pain to find a store which had phone cards for pay phones, but we arranged our ride, dropped off our boats, and got on the bus back to Mulage to hang out with Bill once more. When we got there he was drunk and happy to see us. Zack commenced to upload photos and do stuff on the internet while I drank with Bill, watched NYPD Blue and debated over the various stupid points of view of American right-wingers. I couldn't change Bill's opinions (I wouldn't be surprised if he's got a gun hidden somewhere in his place), but because I was in the military and a construction worker, he respected mine. I didn't tell him I was on welfare.

The next day we took it easy in town, cleaned our stuff and ate hamburgers and drank cold beer for the first time in almost two weeks. The day after we said goodbye to Bill for the last time and headed to San Carlos, where Zack knew some people at a marine research base. Got drunk on the bus doing down south, almost missed in when the driver took a break because we couldn't stop talking to an Asian kid from Vancouver. Got off the bus and hitch hiked to the base. That night we went with some of the students at the base to try Zumba - a crazy dance workout. It was freeking funny watching almost all the white people totally fail to keep up with the Latin instructor and his 7 year old daughter. Good work out though!

The next day we took kayaks out into the windy day, past the nasty fish factory and checked out some mangroves. One of the professors was conducting experiments that were testing the marine life's reaction to garbage, specifically to strategically placed empty beer cans. Zack saw something shiny and tried grabbing it before he was told not to. That night we got a lift with some people from the research base who were going to La Paz, the last stop on my first Baja Odyssey.

La Paz was amazing! My favorite city in Baja, by far, even though we were there for only a couple days. We met up with the only couch surfer host there who would have us, a fabulous and wonderful lady named Mabilia and her mom Marcela. That night we went out to a bar and played pool and hung out. A mariachi band came in and we certainly enjoyed it, along with the very drunk man who hired it for his birthday.

The next day, Mab, Zack and I rented a small catamaran off an old surfing bum named Carl, who I assured that Zack knew how to sail. While he was explaining how to sail it to Zack (who'd never sailed a catamaran before, or a small vessel for a long time), Mab and I went to get some sunglasses and tylenol because I had a migraine. Setting off, it was clear we didn't know who to sail the thing, we bumped into a sail boat (with an unimpressed owner) while I was yelling at Zack to steer the thing, dragged along the bottom because the tide was at an almost all time low and the strong wind and waves pushing us in all the wrong directions. We had grand plans to go 20k up the coast, but settled after about one and walked along the beach and empty resorts there soaking in the sun and waves for the last time in Baja. Carl came out and checked up on us and brought Mab back to an appointment while Zack and I sailed back in the calmer water in the setting sun, me standing at the front. That night we went out to a hookah bar, a truly wonderful night. Zack had to leave at 4 am, and that was the last I saw of him before he left on his crazy 40 day open water Pacific ocean sailing trip with Karaka.

The next day, after breakfast, I regretfully said goodbye to Mab and caught the cab that brought me to the bus that brought me to the airport. It started to rain when I left, but all the tanned and drunk Canadians getting on the plane to Vancouver didn't seem to mind.

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