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Back in Canada

So the flight was good. I find myself in Van with the guys I left my car with while I was away in Baja. I spent the next three days hanging out there, mostly playing board games. They have dozens of them. My favorite was one called Bang, an old west style card game. I highly recommend it. Also went to a hookah party in a very fancy house. After that I ended up hangin with Evan and Eric, two folks from the Peterborough crew (and Evan's from Dundas too). That was a lot of fun, we went on adventures and drank most of my tequila I brought over from Baja. After spending six rainy days in Van I drove back to Revelstoke for a week. I stayed with at my old place, hangin out with Riley, Liz, Dennis, Erika and Hil. To be honest not much happened during my week there. Then I went to Calgary for a few days before I would head back to Ontario for the holidays. While there I hung out with Andre, Phil, Tom and Tracy and picked up my new fat skis for when I'd get back to Revy and shred the