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Back in Baja

Funny things, the randomized security checks in Mexican airports. Push the button to see if a green or red light comes on. Red means your bags get checked by the heavily armed airport security. Then the cacophony once you get out of security: "hey my friend, NEED A TAXI?". Thankfully Maby rescued me, and we're off to San Jose del Cabo. Spend the night at one of her friends, then the next day to the hotsprings. Its amazing how people live off the beaten path in Mexico, a settlement cut out of the thorny scrub desert. There's some irrigation, but most of it is broken, and not much is green, except for in the valley where the hotsprings are, hike a little ways into the mountains and its lush in the valley by the surprisingly cool stream. After that we head through Los Barrilles (definitely try the fish soup), then to La Paz. The adventures in La Paz started almost immediately. I meet Zack and the Karaka sail boat crew right away. Zack had been travelling o