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Ski-Bum Theory

Being a ski-bum in Revelstoke is for many here is a right of passage. Today we posit that often a first-year ski-bum is tempted to repeat his experiences in another ski-season. We observe and draw conclusions of one first-year ski-bum's experiences in Revy. The Revy ski-bum is amused in many ways. The ubiquitous 6 - 25 foot tall snow banks along all roads that make driving exciting (playing in said snow banks is also fun, especially for a certain sister of subject ski-bum, especially after friends' birthday parties). Its good to have all wheel drive. Also amusing is the skiing. To people who have not done big mountain skiing at Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR) and want to do it, it is a lesson first in humility. If you consider yourself an intermediate skier, perhaps even expert in Ontario (if you go by ski-run difficulty ratings out east), consider that no longer in Revy. You are a beginner. Forget what you know. This mountain has many and much more vertical, po