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Java time

So Im applying to get into a GIS course. GIS courses demand mucho computer programming, so I'm trying to learn some. HTML's one computer programming language, its not too bad at all actually. I think I'll convert my blog to HTML if im up for it (technically it already is, and now I basically understand how it works). Then there's Java. It seems like a whole new world. I feel like I am delving into the deeper, darker subconscious that is a programmer's mind - there are countless versions and the download/file folder/path variable/MS-DOS promt stuff blows the mind (and thats even before the actual progaming). It dawns on you: even though you just downloaded, un-zipped and installed a 76 mega-byte program you can't actually open anything in the Java folder in Windows - at least I don't THINK you can. Never mind actually programming. I'm sounding like a nerd already. But before I learned of these challenges, I thought "hey HTML's a breeze! I did