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GIS part 1

So at the End of August I moved to Vancouver. Well, actually a big suburb of it called Burnaby, in a place called Capitol Hill on Pandora Avenue (that is, Pandora - the first woman, created by Greek gods, who opened a box that released all the evils into the world). At the end of Pandora, about 100 feet from my house, is the Trans Canada Trail, and there is a nice view of the Burrard Inlet behind a barb wire fence, and behind the fence is a great big field where there is the remains of an oil refinery. Where I live is sort of out of the way, near the city, by the woods and in the suburbs, industrial infrastructure but no factories and neighbors with broken-down cars in their yards... sort of like where I grew up! In September Maby came up to visit. It was amazing seeing her again (and I can't wait until she comes up again!). We did many things together while here: went to Victoria to visit Carolyn and Carolyn, checked out Stanley and Pacific Rim parks in Vancouver, looked around