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GIS like a Rubik's Cube

Hello all, so for the past 6 months or so I have immersed myself in something called GIS (Geographic Information Systems). It is like an extension of many things I have done in the past. Things like GPS and topo-maps and navigation and using simple mapping software and CAD. So I figured I'll try it. The program also dealt with programming, which I had begun to be interested in. What I knew about GIS then is like merely turning a Rubik's cube a few turns, but not really attempting it. But, here we are, the class of 2012, Advanced Diploma in GIS from BCIT, 6 months later. Lo and behold we're building, android apps, map documents, TIN 's, Map Documents, doing spatial analysis , building run-length-encoding and decompression programs, and the list goes on. And BCIT has a funny way of doing things. You see, the professor's will take you only half way to teach you many of these things - things like spatial analysis and string parsing programs. It seems a little sad