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GIS Course Complete, Time for Plan B

So since reading in March most of my time has mostly been devoted to GIS but also some more outdoor recreation and travel. On the GIS side I started and completed the "third" and final semester in the Advance Diploma in GIS. Final marks are in and the are not bad! This is probably due to the fact that I am actually interested it GIS in general, though the program was quite challenging at times. Topics covered in the final semester were limited to Management Issues in GIS, Technical Issues in GIS (in which students in groups cover different current topics in technical detail in GIS - My group did ours on Error in GIS), and GIS Database Systems 2 (we primarily covered ArcSDE multi-user database use and administration). There were only three courses as most of the Advanced Diploma in GIS students were tasked with either doing a Practicum (similar to a 2-month internship) or a project. Me and my partner did a project building an open source web map application for the Hul'