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Yukon Gold, pt. 1

So its a dream of many adventurous Canadians (and others) to visit the 'true' north of the Canadian Territories. Dreams of wide open spaces, opportunity, freedom and, yes, adventure fill the mind. Yet at the same time there is respect for coming to a place like the Yukon. The distance to get here. The distances and isolation here. The weather . The short and long days. The mosquitoes, expenses, bears and cabin fever! "Oh," say many of those inclined to travel "I'll just hop on a flight to BC/Thailand/Cuba". So it comes that I finally made one of my dreams come true and take up a unique opportunity to visit the far north, the experience the 24 hours of daylight, opportunity and dreams of gold in the rivers. I had a couple friends who found themselves already spending their summers up here. Steve is working as a gardener at the Westmark hotel in Beaver Creek, and Tanis is working with Women's rights and advocacy organizations in Whitehorse. So fre