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Yukon Gold, pt. 2

So, for 90% of my time in the Yukon is found in a place called Beaver Creek I talked about in my last post . The town has about 100 people in it and is waaay at the north west end of the country - the westernmost community in Canada in fact. Like I said I worked at the hotel here doing maintenance on top of other voluntary duties for extra money - things like baggage and bus washing. Since coming back here that is mostly what I have done - work, usually 10 to 14 hour days. But its had its fun times too. Some of the activities that have happened day to day, like campfires or just hanging out a bit and seeing something local like Sid's oldtime-y museum or going to the pool.. There were the Beaver Creek Olympics. I won the hoola-hoop contest and the balloon toss with my bro RJ. Events such as the Talent Show, I got up and sang Bedu Manu Lielu Bedu, but I only remembered the first two verses and so I just repeated the second one. There was Beat's 80the birthday (more on that