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Yukon Gold, pt. 2

So, for 90% of my time in the Yukon is found in a place called Beaver Creek I talked about in my last post. The town has about 100 people in it and is waaay at the north west end of the country - the westernmost community in Canada in fact.

Like I said I worked at the hotel here doing maintenance on top of other voluntary duties for extra money - things like baggage and bus washing. Since coming back here that is mostly what I have done - work, usually 10 to 14 hour days. But its had its fun times too.

Some of the activities that have happened day to day, like campfires or just hanging out a bit and seeing something local like Sid's oldtime-y museum or going to the pool.. There were the Beaver Creek Olympics. I won the hoola-hoop contest and the balloon toss with my bro RJ. Events such as the Talent Show, I got up and sang Bedu Manu Lielu Bedu, but I only remembered the first two verses and so I just repeated the second one. There was Beat's 80the birthday (more on that later). There were a few theme parties, including St. Paddy's day and Halloween. Some say the Westmark is haunted. So I made a oiuji board which most people were too scared to use. One event to see is the gold rush and frontier themed dinner theatre, I'm sure my mom would love that.

There have been lots of adventures too. There was a little canoe trip with Steve, Dan and Zack where we explored more tent frame campgrounds in the area. There are many of these camps, and generally they're for anyone to use and fix up.

These tents can be quite cosy actually, and obviously rustic. There are other places to visit too, like Beat's cabin. It is quite picturesque, by a stream and a nice cabin, in the woods. Too bad I don't have a good picture of it. Who is Beat? He is the maintenance boss, local justice of the peace, coroner, pilot, one time mayor, amongst other things, a short man from Switzerland who's the only one who really knows how this place works. We celebrated his 80th birthday in the dinner theatre, er, theatre. A bit of a local celebrity really, people came from as far away as Arizona to come to the party, and there was a big ol model train set set up for him in the middle of the place. The only picture I could find of him comes from a TV interview he did in slight confusion (he has hard hearing). The picture is in the theatre too:
In August Steve and I also got a few days off, so we decided to visit Tanis in Whitehorse again. That trip was good, with visits to docs, going on a Yukon Brewing tour, checking out some local hot springs, going to saunas and having a camp fire.

The hotel closed at the Beginning of September, and most of the staff went back to Whitehorse to go home. I went on the bus trip and stayed at the Westmark in Whitehorse. I had my farewells with my new friends and went back to work for another week in Beaver Creek doing renovations around town and helping close the hotel.

Now that that work is done I am going to be heading back to Ontario. My GIS job hunt continues, however a little slowly. So in lieu of anything else to do I am going to go back to Ontario and visit some friends, and meet a whole bunch of ppl along the way.

Until next time!


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