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6000 Kms of Glory

Leaving Beaver Creek behind, I set off on my journey back to Ontario. Along the way I would be stopping in Whitehorse , Edmonton , Winnipeg , Thunder Bay and Wawa . Joining me on my cross country journey was my buddy Ryan Johnny, a Beaver Creek local. Here he is at the start of the Alaska Highway, which winds through Beever C 1800 km later. Before setting off there was a little send off in town. We sang karaoke at a border guard's house. It was really ingenious: you just hook up a guitar amp to a mic and then look up on Youtube a karaoke version of a song and BAM, you have a karaoke machine! And customs officers are great to celebrate with with Youtube karaoke! The next day we set off, two hours late, just after Beaver Creek Coffee. The trip to Whitehorse was uneventful except it was gorgeous outside. Pulling into Whitehorse we ended up going to Walmart and RJ ended up meeting a couple friends and he went his way. I met up with Tanis and her room-mate Deaner. Tanis an